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Out-of-the-box NFT marketplace that’s configurable for your brand and project needs

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User-first design

Anterdit brings together all the industry-leading features in one comprehensive NFT marketplace, making it easy for users of all roles and knowledge levels to set up releases, mint assets and manage users and payments.

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Built-in compliance and cybersecurity

Anterdit complies with worldwide regulations by providing KYC (Know Your Customer) and Proof of Funds functionality so you can be confident in your users’ ability to complete their transactions quickly and without issues.

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Intuitive admin console

Our user-friendly Admin Console brings together all the information you need to run your marketplace in one place. Each phase of the release process is laid out step-by-step, allowing users to easily create releases and assets.

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Secure & easy-to-use experience

Anterdit brings together the security of being on chain with the ease of use of a custodial marketplace. Built on Algorand, Anterdit gives you the security of a trusted blockchain that is also cost-effective and carbon-neutral.

Launch your marketplace faster

Anterdit has all the features you need to launch your own NFT marketplace, configured to reflect your brand and digital experience. During our streamlined 6-week onboarding process, our team works with you to configure your marketplace to your needs, using your logo and colors so your marketplace fits seamlessly into your digital environment.

We’re focused on usability and accessibility, constantly evolving the platform and adding new features to ensure the best user experience. Our development team releases new features and updates every two weeks, ensuring that Anterdit’s platform always reflects the latest thinking in the NFT space.

Launch your marketplace faster

Security, compliance, and payments

Anterdit gives you a fully secure and automated payment process, powered by Circle, the industry’s leading blockchain payment solution. The platform allows you to accept a range of currencies and payment methods, including credit cards, wire, SEPA, and more. We’re always expanding the payments we accept, and are adding Bitcoin, Ether and Algos to our payment options.

The security of your financial and user data is your top priority, so we’ve integrated the top cybersecurity practices into our platform. We take that security a step further by providing additional fraud protection capabilities to ensure your organization and users are protected.

Anterdit includes 24/7 global incident response, state-of-the-art intrusion prevention systems and advanced anomaly detection with multiple layers of security. Our multi-factor authentication, powered by Twilio, gives your users an added layer of protection.

Security, compliance, and payments

We’re here to help when you need it

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Experts ready to help you

Our in-house Anterdit experts are here to assist you with any issues you have during European and US business hours.

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Comprehensive branded support portal for your users

Have a question about Anterdit? We offer an additional service that offers a branded support portal with articles that cover everything from how to use the platform to detailed technical documentation.

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Built-in product guidance

Using Anterdit is made easier with helpful information and notifications. Just look for the help symbol in each section. Mouse over it for details about what the section does or what the issue is.

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Emergency support

We offer emergency support for all business-critical support issues as an additional tool to our support portal.

Support across every phase of your project

The Anterdit support team is available to troubleshoot issues, provide support and answer questions for you at every stage of your NFT marketplace initiative. Just send in a support ticket and our team of support agents will work with you to resolve the issue.

Support across every phase of your project

Support for your end users

We understand that your team is busy and providing support for your new NFT marketplace requires resources you might not have. Anterdit offers an additional service where we provide comprehensive support to your customers.

We’ll handle all your NFT marketplace support tickets, taking care of all your customers’ issues. We’ll also create a branded support portal for you that includes all the Anterdit support articles, so your customers can learn more about your marketplace and build their own knowledge.

Support for your end users

Partner with our NFT, Web3 and
industry experts on your NFT marketplace

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Expert guidance for the digital world

Our team of advisors can work with you to navigate the new reality of Web3, sharing their insights and experiences to help shape your NFT projects.

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Global experience

Anterdit’s advisors work with organizations around the world - giving you a truly global perspective on NFTs, blockchain, crypto and Web3.

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Tailored services

Advisory services can be tailored to your desired level of involvement, from basic assistance to hands-on management.

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Tailored services

Anterdit has a robust investor network that provides strategic guidance for crypto, NFTs, blockchain and the constantly evolving Web3 world.

Supplement your team

Launching a NFT marketplace is an exciting project that will open up new opportunities for your business. But to do this, you may need to access resources with different skills than your team has. Anterdit team of advisors can provide both the technical and strategic skills you need, as well as additional resources to ensure a successful launch.

Anterdit works with a diverse global network of partners in legal, strategy and design. Our trusted partners extend our services and expertise. Services they offer include country-specific legal, regulatory and strategic advice. For companies that are looking for artistic and design support, we also have relationships with talented NFT artists and designers. We can make referrals to art and design professionals that understand the unique needs of the NFT space.

Supplement your team

Engagements built for your needs

Whether you’re looking for a long-term partner to work on your NFT and Web3 strategy or just some assistance in launching your marketplace, our team of advisors can help. We offer engagements tailored to your specific needs, whether you’re looking for technical or strategic resources. No matter your need or level of experience, Anterdit can help bring your NFT project to life.

Engagements built for your needs

Launch an NFT Marketplace Today

Anterdit gives you a full-service branded marketplace solution that takes care of the operational and technical requirements so you can focus on the art. Expand your reach across the globe, reaching new audiences.