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Referral & Partner Program

Anterdit’s Referral & Partner Programs reward individuals and companies that identify qualified customer opportunities. There is no minimum number of sales required — each opportunity is compensated once the deal is closed. This is our way of recognizing everyone that brings in business opportunities and ensure that everyone shares in our success.

There are two ways to participate in Anterdit’s programs. You can sign up for the referral program, which compensates an individual or company for each qualified referral, or you can become a partner, joining a larger network of companies whose products work with Anterdit or provide complementary services.

Referral & Partner Program

The Referral Program

The Anterdit Referral Program is designed for both individuals and organizations that want to submit qualified opportunities to the sales team. To be eligible to make referrals, just fill out a simple form. Once accepted, you can start submitting referrals.

We’ll keep you informed as the referred organization moves forward. Once a deal is completed and the contract is signed, you will be informed of the successful referral and can submit an invoice for your compensation. Commissions are paid for each successful opportunity and are based on the first month’s value of the total contract.

Refer as many or as few opportunities as you have — there’s no monthly requirement! All opportunities must be a new contact for Anterdit or have had no communications in the past 12 months.

The Referral Program

The Partner Program

The Anterdit Partner Program is a network of technology, marketing, consulting and other related organizations that provide additional services for Anterdit customers who use our branded NFT platform. Our ideal partners include:

  • Marketing agencies
  • Consulting firm
  • IT services and cybersecurity companies
  • Tech support companies
  • Design services
  • Website providers and developers
  • Web3 advisory groups
The Partner Program

Our ideal partners will offer complementary services that help our customers add more functionality to our platform. To be considered for the Anterdit Partner Program, just fill out a simple application form. Once accepted as a partner, you’ll need to complete training and pass your certification before you can start selling Anterdit products. There are three partner tiers based on annual sales — Silver, Gold and Platinum. Monthly commission and partner benefits grow as partners sell more and move on to higher tiers.

These benefits include inclusion in the Anterdit Partner Directory, access to a demo environment, access to sales and product assets, use of the Anterdit logo, marketing development funds, and more.

If you’re looking to partner with the leader in the branded, software-as-a-service NFT marketplace space, fill out an application and start expanding your offerings.


Partner Program

Interested in our Partner Program? Contact us today to learn more information.

Referral Program

Interested in our Referral Program? Contact us today to learn more information.

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