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Navigating the metaverse and understanding how Web3, crypto, blockchain and NFTs work can be a bit of a learning curve. If you’re unfamiliar with NFT marketplaces or want to learn about how to get the most from your investment in Anterdit, start here with our frequently asked questions.

What does white label mean?

White-label solutions are designed to be used out of the box with expedited setup and onboarding. The term white label comes from the fashion industry where a manufacturer leaves the label in a garment blank in order for the manufacturer’s clients to add their own branding to the label. Each platform can be branded to reflect the branding, colors and logo of your organization.

How much can I brand this NFT platform?

The Anterdit is designed to be easily configurable. Add your logo, branding and colors to make it fit seamlessly into your existing digital experience.

Can I mint assets myself?

Yes, Anterdit is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. No technical knowledge is required to mint assets. All minting can be completed easily through your Admin Console. In-platform tips help guide users in each section and more in-depth articles and technical documentation are available through the support portal. The Anterdit support team is available during European and US business hours to answer any questions you may have.

How autonomous can I be?

Anterdit is designed to put the users’ needs first. Users can navigate through the Admin Console to set up releases, manage users and payments and more. There are tips embedded in the platform to guide users through the process. For more in-depth questions, users can review technical documentation in the support portal.

How often are you adding new features?

We are continuously developing and releasing new features in a two-week cadence. Our development team is committed to consistently improving the user experience with new features, bug fixes, updates and new services.

What types of payments do you support?

Anterdit currently supports a range of payments, including wire, credit cards, USDC and SEPA. We are consistently expanding the ways users can pay for their NFTs by adding new payment methods, including Bitcoin, Ether, EUROC, and Algo.

What type of services do you offer?

Customer Support: The Anterdit support team is available to troubleshoot issues, provide support and answer questions for you at every stage of your NFT marketplace initiative.

End User Support: We understand that your team is busy and providing support for your new NFT marketplace requires resources you might not have. Therefore, Anterdit offers an additional service where we provide comprehensive support to your end users.

Advisory Services: Launching an NFT marketplace is an exciting project that will open up new opportunities for your business. But to do this, you may need to access resources with different skills than your team has. Anterdit team of advisors can provide both the technical and strategic skills you need and additional resources to ensure a successful launch. Anterdit also works with a diverse global network of partners in legal, strategy and design.

How long does the onboarding usually take?

The Anterdit multi-tenant SaaS solution allows us to onboard customers in 6 weeks or less. We are continuously working on reducing the time to market, ensuring you can launch your NFT marketplace as quickly as possible.

What is Proof-of-Stake vs Proof-of-Work?

Proof-of-stake and proof-of-work are two ways that blockchains verify user transactions, add them to the blockchain and create tokens.

Algorand, which all Anterdit platforms are built on, uses Pure Proof-of-Stake. In addition to being significantly more energy-efficient, Algorand is also faster and protects the security of its assets by preventing forking.

Other blockchains, like Ethereum 1.0 and Bitcoin, use Proof-of-Work. This was the first crypto consensus mechanism. This method is very energy-intensive. It also has the possibility of forking, creating issues with invalid assets.

What tools are available for project administrators?

Anterdit’s admin portal has a wealth of tools for administrators including testing environments, minting tools, content management, user information explorers, transaction explorers, and reports.

Where do project administrators go for help with the platform?

As an Anterdit client, admins may go to for help with the platform where you can find extensive documentation on how to navigate through the platform as an end user, as well as an administrator. Note that Anterdit has additional services you can purchase if you would like for Anterdit to support your end users directly through your own branded support portal.

What is the process when end consumers need help?

With the end-user support package, Anterdit will set up a branded support portal with a custom URL for end users to use. The support portal will include knowledge base articles to help your end users easily navigate through your platform, as well as a ticket submission form to reach one of our support experts with any specific questions. The knowledge base articles will be constantly updated to ensure end users are always aware of the news features added to the platform.If your package does not include end user support through Anterdit, you can create your own support channel. And ofcourse, your admins can always contact Anterdit support if you don’t know how to respond to an end user’s question. If you do not have an end user support package through Anterdit, you can create your own support portal using tools like ZenDesk or create a support email address for end users to contact you for help. You can work with the Anterdit team to make sure these are linked in different parts of your site. And ofcourse, your admins can always contact Anterdit support if you don’t know how to respond to an end user’s question.

Do consumers need to be crypto-savvy to engage with the NFT marketplace?

Not at all. We designed our marketplace so that opening an account or making a purchase resemble that of current market leaders that users already know. That being said, crypto savvy users will not be disappointed with advanced features that give you the necessary wallet addresses and transaction IDs to audit every single transaction using blockchain explorers.

Will my users need to share identification to use the marketplace? (explain what KYC is and when it’s required)

Sometimes. We abide by existing regulations as well as our own self imposed regulations developed in conjunction with our partners Circle, Onfido, Kudelski Security, and Dentons Law to do our best to keep everyone safe without sacrificing usability. Users must go through KYC using our KYC partner Onfido, to conduct a purchase using a reversible rail such as a credit card or ACH above $3,000. Note that Anterdit customers hosting marketplaces may choose to have lower thresholds. Wire transfers and crypto payments are initiated by the end user and are not reversible, hence we do not require KYC as per existing regulations.

Can bidders for high value auctions be white-listed prior to participating? (explain proof of funds check)

Yes. Users may automatically white list themselves by going through a proof-of-funds check using our partner SilentData who will ensure the end user has sufficient balance in their bank to cover the white listing amount without revealing any information to Anterdit other than whether there are sufficient funds or not. SilentData will not share the actual balance on the account, historical balances, transaction data, or anything else with Anterdit. Note that Anterdit customers hosting marketplaces may choose to disable the automatic white listing feature. Clients may also choose to white list a user for a value of the client’s choosing manually by using the Anterdit admin portal.

Ready to Create Your Own NFT Marketplace?

Anterdit gives you a full-service branded marketplace solution that takes care of the operational and technical requirements so you can focus on your business. Talk to one of our NFT advisors about how we can create a tailored solution for your organization.