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Showcase Art and Boost Exposure

It’s no secret that NFTs have taken the art world by storm. Creators of all kinds are minting NFTs with custom artwork and unlocking new ways to profit from their designs. NFTs are producible for art, collectibles, ownership certificates, tickets, utility tokens, and much more – making them the ideal way for gallery owners to bridge their physical and digital brand experiences.

Anterdit is built for gallery and museum owners who want to explore digital-first NFT initiatives but lack the staff or technical know-how to deploy an in-house marketplace. Our white-label platform allows you to showcase creators, their designs, and new projects while maintaining your gallery’s unique aesthetics and brand appeal.

Galleries and museums can launch an NFT marketplace that reflects their brand, builds engagement with collectors, showcases established and upcoming artists, and allows users to purchase NFTs directly from the marketplace to boost profit and engagement. Plus, setup is easy! The Anterdit team handles all technical setup and onboarding details to help you launch quickly, whether you’re selling images, videos, or other media types.

NFTs on Anterdit can be simple one-off purchases of unique artworks or NFT-based memberships that give loyal visitors exclusive access to other benefits. Whether you’re an independent gallery owner or museum curator, Anterdit is your all-in-one answer to NFTs.

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Support the Creators Who Support You

On the creator side, Anterdit provides a simple, user-friendly platform that acts as a single source of truth for NFT minting and sales. It’s easy to deploy and showcase unique artworks to be sold as NFTs, giving artists easy ways to connect with audiences, profit from transactions, and build communities around their NFT initiatives.

Gallery owners can support their creators and generate interest in the gallery brand. By facilitating these transactions and hosting a simple place for artists to build and advertise their collections, gallery owners play an important role in helping artists manage their NFT collections.

A unique feature of the Algorand blockchain is minimal gas fees pn transactions. This ensures creators receive maximum profit when selling. Best of all, Anterdit is easy to use no matter how many creators you host. Our intuitive admin console allows you to create release schedules, add assets and creators, manage drops, and mint assets from a single interface.

Your gallery’s marketplace can be launched in just six weeks or less, backed by professional consulting services and ongoing customer support. There’s no better way for galleries to explore NFT initiatives.

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pavel-nekoranec-8ALBNshSZTE-unsplash 1 (2)

Industry Focus Insights

Every industry has its own peculiarities around security, compliance, and best practices for audience engagement. Our team of experts stays up to date with market trends and works continuously to understand your business’s objectives, growth goals, and customer outreach strategies.


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Launch an NFT Marketplace Today

Anterdit gives you a full-service branded marketplace solution that takes care of the operational and technical requirements so you can focus on the art. Expand your reach across the globe, reaching new audiences.