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Innovate and Protect Public Data

Blockchain-based systems are secure, decentralized, and immutable by the nature of their design. By combining advanced technologies across distributed data storage, peer-to-peer networks, encryption algorithms, and more, engineers have created an ideal ecosystem for use by modern government and public institutions. NFTs represent a new era of data management where critical personal and government data can be stored as unique, immutable data points on a blockchain system.

Given the inherently secure nature of blockchains, all data recorded is public, protected, and unchangeable – bringing a combination of security and transparency to record-keeping that’s highly supportive of public trust. NFTs can be leveraged to record valuable data points across government functions, utilities, financial management, and more, in a way that’s completely secure and nearly impossible to alter.

Anterdit’s NFT marketplace is a white-label solution that can be configured to suit the needs of any government agency or public institution.

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Built-In Security and Regulatory Compliance

Security is a top priority at Anterdit. We integrate top cybersecurity practices into our platform to ensure all government and public agencies have the security they need to manage and maintain public trust.

We provide fraud protection capabilities, 24/7 global incident response, state-of-the-art intrusion prevention systems, multi-factor authentication, and advanced anomaly detection with multiple layers of security. Additionally, our platform undergoes regular audits by Kudelski that prepares us for a wide range of threats across spoofing, tampering, denial of service, and more. We’re pursuing our SOC 2, Type 2 certification to further demonstrate our commitment to secure solutions.

On the compliance side, Anterdit complies with worldwide regulations by providing KYC (Know Your Customer) and Proof of Funds functionality to ensure full confidence in our users’ ability to complete transactions quickly and without issue. Our robust compliance policy also addresses anti-money laundering regulations and other issues to give our customers full confidence in the security and long-term viability of their solution.

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pavel-nekoranec-8ALBNshSZTE-unsplash 1 (6)

Industry Focus Insights

Every industry has its own peculiarities around security, compliance, and best practices for audience engagement. Our team of experts stays up to date with market trends and works continuously to understand your business’s objectives, growth goals, and customer outreach strategies.


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