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Engage New Audiences

The media and publications has a unique opportunity to create NFTs that take advantage of their innate ability to create engaging content, photography and design. Adding a white-label NFT marketplace gives publishers the ability to easily integrate with a new channel and engage with an entirely new audience.

Anterdit’s branded NFT marketplace can be configured to reflect a publication’s existing style, fitting in seamlessly with their existing digital environment. Our ability to support different content types - stills, videos, generative art and more - allows your creators to take their multimedia projects to a new level.

Built on AWS, the top cybersecurity practices are integrated into Anterdit’s platform. We also provide additional fraud protection capabilities to ensure your organization and users are protected. The platform also includes 24/7 global incident response, state-of-the-art intrusion prevention systems and advanced anomaly detection with multiple layers of security.

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Connect with a new audience using NFTs:

Join Web3
Bring your publication into Web3 with a NFT marketplace. Meet a whole new audience on their chosen communication platform and introduce them to your publication’s unique commentary.

Create new sources of revenue
Expand your existing revenue channels by offering NFTs to your audience. Whether it’s an artist collaboration, a utility token for access to member-only content or images of historic moments, NFTs offer an innovative way to take the content your organization is creating and monetize it.

Showcase your creator relationships
Highlight the work of your in-house creators with NFTs that highlight their art. Collaborate on multi-media projects with writers, photographers, designers and more - taking projects beyond the pages and into the metaverse.

Reward loyal readers
Use NFTs to recognize and reward your most loyal readers. Create tiered access to your best content and include NFTs as part of your member loyalty programs.

Engage with your community
Use NFTs to create additional opportunities to present your content in a cutting-edge format. Go beyond Web2 with a dynamic new approach to art and design with NFTs.

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Industry Focus Insights

Every industry has its own peculiarities around security, compliance, and best practices for audience engagement. Our team of experts stays up to date with market trends and works continuously to understand your business’s objectives, growth goals, and customer outreach strategies.


Monetize Your Historical Content (or Content Archives) With NFTs

Alexander Eppstein
generate value from your historical content (or Content Archives) With NFTs

Launch an NFT Marketplace Today

Anterdit gives you a full-service branded marketplace solution that takes care of the operational and technical requirements so you can focus on the art. Expand your reach across the globe, reaching new audiences.